Tecnichapa WEC  

Defence Applications

In 1995 TECNICHAPA started up the aerospace division. This unit develops components and mechanic welded precision assemblies from defence metallic materials.

The main applications are for structures, equipment's and aircraft engines for the Defence market. The consolidated growth path is the result of being ahead of its customers' satisfaction. TECNICHAPA is now a reference in terms of competitiveness, quality and service.

Following this successful background, in 2006 TECNICHAPA created Wallair Engine Components (WEC), a specialised company acting in the Aerospace and Defence market. The main goal is to deepen its long-term partnerships among the main Defence integrators.


Engines: EJ200 / TP 400.

Aircrafts: Eurofighter, A-400M, Rafale.

Missiles: IRIS-T / ESSM


Stainless steel sheet-metal: Aisi 304L, Aisi 321, 17-4 PH...

Nickel-base stainless alloys: Inconel, Nimonic, Hastelloy, Rene 41.

Titanium alloys: T40, Ti-Al, Ti-Cu...



Quality Management System certified upon EN 9100

Special process - NADCAP approval:

  • - Laser cutting.
  • - NDT inspection by LPF.
  • - Manual TIG welding.

Client approvals:: ITP (Rolls-Royce), SNECMA, AIRCELLE, HONEYWELL, SENER...


New manufacturing site with 3.000 sq.m, extendable to 6.000 sq.m.

2D Laser cutting and CNC punching.

3D Laser cutting.

Auxiliary equipment: automated riveting, milling, deburring, polishing, etc.

Forming: CNC press-braking, cold press forming and rolling

Manual TIG welding, linear and circular automated TIG welding

Assembled systems

Inspection room: 3D measuring machine, other inspection equipment


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