Large format printers

Stands and plotters

Since 1992, TECNICHAPA is a partner for Hewlett-Packard (HP), firstly as a producer for their designs. Throughout the years, TECNICHAPA has been led to design for HP in 2001. Since then, the whole design phase is assumed by TECNICHAPA for any new development. TECNICHAPA supplies the complete solution for STAND and OUTPUT paper that Hewlett-Packard markets world-wide.

The STAND product not only ensures a structural support for the plotter, but enables the mobility of the whole printing system. The kind of Output evolves upon the selected option for each project: BIN (plots piling up) or BASKET (plot output reception). For every single new development managed by TECNICHAPA, strict procedures are to be followed in order to meet the demands deployed in HP design requirements.

In 2003, for the textile market (Lectra -France), TECNICHAPA takes up the challenge to produce a complete large format plotter (72” and 90” widths). This has been a major milestone, leading us to become a complete system integrator.


Sheet-metal: DC11 y DC01

Packaging - plastics: (PA +FV), (PP+FV), ABS



TECNICHAPA is certified upon Hewlett-Packard standards meeting the necessary regulations in terms of project tracking and market product launching.


Stands and Output: Since 1992, TECNICHAPA is the unique supplier for manufacturing Stands and Output. Among that, TECNICHAPA has managed the whole design and development steps for the latest projects regarding stands and bin/basket Complete pattern plotter for the textile industry (72" and 90" machines)


Flexible means: punching and bending

Fixed means: Stamping and press-forming

Inserting, plastic injection and extrusion, tube forming.

Robotised spot welding

Epoxy base painting

Assemblies with 100% Poka-Yoke systems

Logistic flow with main HP Hubs world-wide (Asia, USA, Germany…)


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