Corporate Responsibility

Our approach

As any other company belonging to VELATIA, TECNICHAPA fully internalizes in its management procedures the Corporate Responsibility vision.

This approach is to be considered as an active and voluntary contribution to the social, environmental and economic top issues within our Organisation’s scope of influence.

Throughout the Added Value Chain, from suppliers’ partnerships, along with our impact on the Environment and even with regards of our own staff, TECNICHAPA brings about this core values shared within VELATIA.

By means of challenging the performance within the Company, we pay special attention to develop our people and their working environments as much as the Quality of our production processes.


The Global Compact

VELATIA joined the Global Compact already in 2002, this is an international initiative fostered by the United Nations. With its support, VELATIA voluntary commits to be Corporate Responsible, by means of intensive knowledge and promotion within our Management regarding the 10 Principles on the Human Rights, the Labour Standards, the Environment and Anti-corruption.

Global Compact

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