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Quality control

Tecnichapa has built up since years a leadership position in terms of manufacturing and assembly of sheet metal precision products. This leadership can be held not only by means of modern production means, but also leading a permanent research activity in new applications. It is a formal process of technological surveillance that guarantees the present and future of our production scheme equipped with latest machinery and best practices.


3D Design

TECNICHAPA has the necessary design capacities to tackle any further design projects jointly with our customers and even for its own design projects related to our customers’ needs. These capacities are supported by CAD package SOLID DESIGNER.




Our engineering multifunctional teams manage the industrialisation and production of any new parts or packages throughout the whole development and product cycle.

These teams are responsible for the whole Value Chain, from tooling design and up to the necessary investments in production means.


press-brake forming

Our mixed production capacities enable Tecnichapa to design and set up performance processes that are driven to Lean manufacturing.

Our flexible production means (laser cutting, press-brake forming, welding, etc.) rally with fix means (press forming, etc.) in order to ensure increasingly tighter production cycles, in sum, flexibility and reduced lead times.

In our workshop, all resources, both human and technical, are set up on a basis of self-managed working cells that perform their processes segmented by customers or by products.


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